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Welcome to the website of MDM machines S.C. We provide the highest quality spare parts and equipment for road construction. Our offer includes the following brands of equipment: VALENTINI (soil stabilizers), Massenza (spraying tanks), MARA (graders), JAB (hydraulic breakers, crushers and pulvelizers), Simex (crushing buckets) and GF Gordini (mixer buckets). Don't hesistate to contact us.



Soil stabilizer with additional stone crushing function. For use in wide options of deepness (stabilizing from 5 to 70cm) and wideness (from 100 to 2500cm). Valentini machine is the perfect solution for stabilizing substructure with rocks, stones, rubble, etc. and also for the recycling of bituminous surface.


Spraying tanks for emulsion and liquid bitomous. Mechanical/hydraulic spraying bar. Control computer as an additional option (dosing, report printing, etc.). Massenza Company also produce emulsion plant with differend performances.


Hydraulic breakers, crushers, shears, rotating pulverizers, demolition grabs and vibration compactors High-quality materials and years of experience in the production of equipment for demolition is a trademark of JAB products.



Front minigraders and pull graders. Equipment using in leveling terrain for squares and roads building.

GF Gordini

Polishing brushes, snow blowers, mixer buckets, pliers, bush cutters, augers and many other high quality construction machinery attachements. GF Gordini is a well recognized manufacturer of high quality equipment.


Planers, crusher buckets, asphalt pavers and many other construcion machinery attachements. Simex products are synonymous of the highest quality and durability.



Self-load trailers. Works perfectly with terrain scraping and moving gathered materials on far distances.

Made SA

High voltage field detectors of MADE production comply with the requirements and recommendations of the EU. In an easy way it helps you to avoid touching electric lines, enables detection of the proximity of a high-voltage electric line.